Based on the great know-how advantage in the core areas of installation, rehabilitation, maintenance and management of pipeline infrastructures, S & P pursues a clear growth strategy both with regard to the expansion of subject areas and its regional and international presence.

More than 20 years ago, training and further education, asset management and quality control and assurance were identified as future growth areas. For this purpose, products and services were spe-cifically developed, each of which represents the leading stage of development on an international scale.

Products in the field of Asset Management


STATUS® is a Lifecycle Asset Management System including a bottom up stochastic “ageing model”. STATUS is used for strategy analysis, -development and –optimisation which is successfully applied in Germany for more than 15 years now. Currently, supply- and disposal networks with a total length of more than 25,000 km, among them 5 German state capitals, have been managed and strategies regarding rehabilitation and investment have been developed and optimised. The network analyses based on “STATUS” undergo a multi-stage, interdependent process: Data management, quality management, structural evaluation, asset valuation, analysis of the local ageing processes, forecast of the structural and conditional network development and rehabilitation and maintenance planning.

The results of STATUS are based for each step, from the generation of ageing curves to the estimation of remaining lifetimes, on mathematical models recognized by the public mathematical or scientific community. At present, there is no other forecasting model on the German and European market that uses this combination of mathematical models and offers a comparable, coordinated scope of services.

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Products in the field of Quality Management & Controlling

CoJack is a unique simulation method used to make pipe jacking projects more safe, efficient and transparent. Nowadays, the new installation of supply- and disposal pipelines in densely populated urban living environments can only and almost exclusively be realised by means of trenchless installation technologies, in particular by means of pipe jacking. Pipe jacking is a technically demanding installation method, where the engineer is faced with highest requirements, particularly with regard to the structural dimensioning and installation of the pipeline. CoJack is a tool that optimises pipe jacking already in the planning stage, allowing for maximum safety during installation due to a permanent control and supervision of all structurally relevant parameters online as well as verification management to ensure duly and properly created structures in the final acceptance of installations.

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Products in the field of Learning & Development

UNITRACC® is the most extensive information, working and learning platform for the planning, installation, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and management of urban water supply - and sewage disposal systems.

UNITRACC stands for Underground Infrastructures Training and Competence Center, with underground Infrastructures meaning urban underground supply- and disposal infrastructures. UNI-TRACC provides the required expert knowledge for their planning, installation, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and management in the form of web-based environments for communication, information, learning and working. As this know-how is insufficiently taught both at universities and universities of applied sciences internationally, UNITRACC offers unique access for decision-makers, engineers and technicians, enabling them to make responsible decisions on billion-euro investments. In addition, UNITRACC provides a collaboration environment for the industry to open up new international markets. In Germany, UNITRACC is used for the professional qualification of test engineers and municipal employees.

More information about UNITRACC can be found here.